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 Grinding discs and wheels used on angle grinders for metal and stone applications
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Grinding discs for mild steel, stainless steel and alumina.
Depressed-centre grinding discs for use on metal based products including stainless steel and alumina. NEW LOW PRICES!
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Flap discs for most metals
Available in a range of grit sizes, flap discs offer greater control of the grinding and sanding process over reinforced grinding discs.
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Diamond and tungsten carbide grinding wheels for stone
Diamond and carbide abrasive for grinding most stone based products including marble, granite and concrete for use with portable angle grinders.
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Resin bonded fibre backed grinding and sanding discs
Resin bonded fibre sanding discs are available from 100mm to 180mm diameter in a range of abrasives used for sanding, deburring of metals, stone based products including stainless steel. For use with portable angle grinders and suitable backing pad.
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Grinding discs for stone
Depressed-centre grinding discs for use on concrete and stone based products.
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Grinding cups for angle grinders
Resin bonded cup stones for use with angle grinders. Cup stones give a very high stock removal rate making them ideal for coarse and aggressive grinding applications. Designed for flat surface grinding.
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Rail grinding and cutting stones and discs.
Rail grinding stones for use with Geismar grinding machines. High performance cutting discs designed for rail cutting equipment.
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Semi-flexible grinding discs.
4 1/2" (115mm), 5" (125mm) & 7" (180mm) semi-flexible discs. Silicon carbide abrasive for use on marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, fibre glass and cast iron. Requires a backing pad.
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