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  • High quality cutting, grinding, sanding, blending, cleaning and super-finish polishing discs and wheels for metals, stone and plastics when used on angle grinders.
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  • For your safety all reinforced cutting and grinding discs supplied by Abtec conform to the high standards of the 'Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives'.
Whatever the material, cutting discs for use with angle grinders!
Category Details
Blending, Surface Finishing & Polishing.
A range of discs designed to blend welds and burrs and to achieve a highly polished finish.
Category Details
Cleaning & Descaling
Wire brushes designed for removal of rust, corrosion, paint and primers.
Category Details
Sanding & Grinding
Fast removal of metals, plastics, stone and wood.
Category Details
Super-Finish Polishing
Diamond polishing pads with a suitable backing pad for use on marble, granite and many other stone based building materials.
Category Details
Personal Protective Equipment
A range of 'Personal Protective Equipment' (PPE) designed when working with angle grinders.
Category Details
Backing Pads and Accessories
Backing pads and accessories for use with angle grinders.
Category Details
Abrasive Disc Safety Training
Abrasive disc and wheel training for operators of portable cutting and grinding equipment inline with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. (PUWER 98).
Category Details