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52mm x 150mm Dry Diamond Core Drill
The new Dry Diamond “Core Complete” range comes with all required accessories pre-fitted to the core and ready to use straight from the box.
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230mm x 10mm x 22mm Expert Diamond Blade
Expert-line General Construction Materials Diamond Blades are suitable for cutting virtually all construction materials including steel and reinforced concrete.
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300mm x 10mm x 20mm Expert Twin Pack Diamond Blades.
Designed with a thicker core that resists flexing and provides a straighter cut, this versatile blade can slice through asphalt and green concrete and can also be used on medium to soft materials such as sandstone and breeze blocks.
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Double row type cup diamond grinding wheel.
The all purpose wheel with a double row and an extra 8mm layer of diamond abrasive for grinding most stone based materials including concrete, marble and granite. Click on the image to view price and discount structure.
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Welcome to AbTec. Your first stop for high quality Abrasives.

Abtec Industries is a specialist in precision abrasive cutting and grinding wheels, sanding belts and discs, measuring and magnetic holding products. These important and diverse products are supplied by a highly focused team committed to quality and efficiency enabling Abtec Industries to become a premier supply partner to leading companies within the engineering, woodworking, automotive and aerospace industries.